Testing Accommodations

Coordination services to request reasonable testing accommodations for professionals with physical disabilities.

ADA Accommodations

  • CFA exam accommodations
  • CPA exam accommodations
  • ARE exam accommodations
  • PE exam accommodations
  • FE exam accommodations
  • State Bar Exam accommodations
  • Accommodations for Students

Are you a professional with a disability in need of testing accommodations?

ADA accommodations can have a major impact on academic results. Commmon testing accommodations include additional test time, extra breaks, multi-day testing, a private room, use of a laptop, and more. Developing a history of accommodations can be helpful to qualify for later accommodations, so getting started early is key!

We offer assistance with the initial request of accommodations for standardized tests and accommodations for standardized exams for professional licensure in the United States. We help assemble the necessary documentation in order to maximize the chance of success when requesting accommodations. Objective data is key to demonstrate the need for the accommodation(s) requested. Our early review of the accommodations recommended by the medical team will help ensure a thorough assessment of each individual's unique accommodation needs.

professionals with a diagnosed disability

if you have already been diagnosed with a physical disability, we offer assistance with the making of a request for accommodations. We help you navigate the organizational bureaucracies and coordinate the necessary paperwork to request accommodations. We work with the documentation provided by your current medical team and/or, to the extent permitted by law, may connect you with medical professionals in a number of specialty areas to receive an updated assessment. We review your disability record and evaluate if objective evidence supports the descriptions of your limitations. We help with providing the documentation and completing the request, which we submit to the organization. We offer assistance with the communications between the different parties.

to the extent permitted by law, we may discuss the effectiveness of prior accommodations you have received with you and/or your medical professional and suggest you consult another independent medical practitioner with more experience in ADA accommodations requests to better suit your needs.

professionals with an undiagnosed disability

If you believe you may qualify as a professional with a physical disability, but you have not yet been diagnosed, we review the exam accommodation request procedure, coordinate the evaluation process to request accommodations, and help gather documentation. We can point you to a medical care appointment booking service, or to the extent permitted by law, put you in touch with medical professionals who can examine you. If you qualify as an individual with a disability, we help with providing the required documentation and completing the request, which we submit on your behalf. We also assist with communication between the organization administering the exam(s) and the student.

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possible benefits of testing accommodations

  • better scores
  • more career opportunities

we help you receive the ADA testing accommodations you need.

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Notice: Our services are limited to the coordination and management for accommodations requests due to a physical disability. All professional services, such as medical evaluations and legal advice, are to be provided by licensed professionals as required by law. The use of our service is not a guarantee you will receive the requested accommodations.