Assistive Listening Systems

iProbe sells Assistive listening systems from Listen Technologies and Williams Sound. Assistive listening systems are also known by their acronym ALS.

distance and noise are two factors that create difficult listening conditions. Assistive Listening Systems can minimize the impact of these two factors.

two types of RF systems are available: Personal FM Systems for use up to about 100 feet, and Wide Area FM Systems for use in larger spaces. Both systems are portable and come with simple instructions. They readily connect to all types of hearing aids and cochlear implants, and also work with ear-buds or lightweight headsets. These systems combine a transmitter placed near the desired sounds, which is wirelessly linked to a small receiver that you wear. This receiver, in turn, delivers those sounds directly into the amplification device in your ear(s).

Personal frequency modulation (FM) systems are like miniature radio stations operating on special frequencies. The personal FM system consists of a transmitter microphone used by the speaker (such as the teacher in the classroom, or the speaker at a lecture) and a receiver used by you, the listener. The receiver transmits the sound to your ears or, if you wear a hearing aid, directly to the hearing aid. Personal FM systems are useful in a variety of situations, such as in a classroom lecture, in a restaurant, in a sales meeting, or in a nursing home or senior center. FM systems are also used in theaters, places of worship, museums, public meeting places, corporate conference rooms, convention centers, and other large areas for gathering. In these situations, the microphone/transmitter is built into the overall sound system. You are provided with an FM receiver that can connect to your hearing aid or cochlear implant. The receiver can also connect to a headset if you don’t wear a hearing aid.

another option for assisted listening is using infrared technology or hearing loops

we support acoustic consultants, AV contractors, architects, and end users in designing new assisted listening installations and upgrading existing systems for theatres, conference halls, museums and house of worship applications.

we use a consultative sales approach and make recommendations for your specific needs. We also offer complete technical support services.

it would be our privilege to advise you on your next purchase.

ALS technologies

  • RF Assistive Listening systems
  • Infrared Assistive Listening systems
  • Hearing Loops

iProbe facilitates demos of assistive listening systems.

Listen Technologies
Assistive Listening Systems demos

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Listen Technologies
Assistive Listening Systems demos

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