About Us

A specialist in language accessibility for audio visual content and international meetings and conferences, iProbe offers organizations tailored solutions aimed at facilitating their internal and external communications. We help our clients develop, adapt and present content and professional communications for consumption by audiences in their own language.​ Delivering on Commitment, Excellence and Service Quality, is the foundation of our brand promise.​​

At iProbe, we leave no stone unturned to locate quality language professionals and research the best technologies. Our recruitment and selection process uses search tools and techniques used by professional recruiters. With technical expertise in pro audio, film & TV production, post-production and web development, we know when to lead and when to follow and meet the collective goals of the project stakeholders. We project manage, communicate and share our expertise in pro audio, film & TV production, post-production and web development.

We aim for vertical and horizontal integration to have more control of the final product​. We find the more we control the process, the better results we can achieve for our clients.

For this reason, we have our own rental stock of audio visual equipment and are authorized dealers for the leading brands of AV and language distribution equipment. Everything available for rental is also available for purchase.

A personal note from the founder​

iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc. is the company I founded in 2001, shortly after coming to the United States with a Masters degree in languages and business from the Netherlands. In my mind there is no better country to start a business than the US and no better place for entrepreneurship than New York City.

I'm fortunate to work in my field of interest, and am passionate about delivering on committment.

At iProbe the clock does not stop at 5 PM; we operate with a 24/7 mindset, serving clients in the United States and across the globe with the same timeliness and commitment. No matter when you need our services, we are only a ring away whether we're working on a Global IPO roadshow in Boston, attending Infocomm in Las Vegas or working out of a Fort Lauderdale office during Christmas time. We welcome urgent projects, and work nights and weekends, as needed.

If you email us about a new project, expect to hear back within 24-48 hours. And if you don't hear back, please give us a call as e-mail can unfortunately get lost in cyberspace or in a spam folder.

As a founder led business, you can count on me and my team to deeply care, about any project, large or small, entrusted to us. Leading business experts believe that founder led businesses are the best businesses.[1ab] We will do everything in our power so your experience with us will lead you to agree with them.

We take pride in a track record that is second to none. You have my personal guarantee of commitment to complete your project with the quality you expect, on time and per agreed terms.

Feel free to call me at 212-489-6035 or email me personally at setbon@iprobesolutions.com or message me at @setbon and @iprobe.

Best regards,

Julie H. Setbon Founder & CEO
iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc. | Made in NY

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