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DICENTIS Wireless Conference System


Bosch introduces a new wireless conference system that makes conferences smoother, more enjoyable and more productive than ever before.

The innovative DICENTIS Wireless Conference System uses state-of-the-art technologies, standard Wi-Fi and smart wireless management to ensure interference-free wireless conferencing. Designed to be the most flexible discussion system available, it enables quick and easy set-up and breakdown of small meetings and larger conferences.

The Dicentis Wireless Conference System consists of a Wireless Access Point and discussion units used to contribute to a meeting. The system operates in frequency bands between 2.4000 and 2.4835 GHz and 5.180 and 5.700 GHz. The wireless devices can be set up for a single-use, dual-use or chairperson Wireless Device. The system supports a maximum number of 120 wireless units. Units are available in a standard and an extended version.

The controls the system and can be placed or attached almost anywhere such as a wall, a ceiling or on a tripod floor stand. The battery pack life of the Dicentis system is maximum 24 hours (20% speech, 80% listening). The typical charging time of one Battery Pack is 3 hours.

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a decade of innovation

DCN Wireless (2005)

three DCN wireless devices and a wireless access point

DICENTIS Wireless (2015)

a mix of wireless and extended wireless devices with a wireless access point

dicentis wireless device without touch screen

Wireless Device (DCNM-WD)

The Wireless Device (WD) enables a superb meeting experience. The device can be configured as delegate or chairman.

Wireless devices make use of pluggable microphones. Users can choose between a high directive, a short stem or a long stem microphone.

  • via two headphone connections.
  • microphone button with status indication
  • built-in amplification for excellent speech intelligibility
  • HD Camera Control expandable

dicentis wireless device without touch screen

Wireless Device Extended (DCNM-WDE)

The Wireless Device Extended (WDE) offers additional control and features a 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen. A custom background and personalized company or customer logo can be added. The functionality of the touch-screen devices can easily be enhanced through software modules, for example with voting or identification using NFC card.

more benefits:

  • view meeting data (speaker list, request list, etc.)
  • voting functionality enable-ready
  • identification via contactless smart card (NFC).
  • future proof expandibility with software modules

Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point (DCNM-WAP)

the DICENTIS Wireless Access Point (WAP) has a typical wireless range of nearly 10,000 sqf (30 m x 30 m) and has a built-in easy and intuitive web browser. The WAP is powered via the included power supply unit, a PoE switch or a network cable. It comes with balanced audio in and out connections via 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) TRS.


  • stand alone usage, no central control unit needed
  • balanced audio in and out for connection to external audio systems (e.g. Sound Reinforcement)
  • status indicator LEDs

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product image of Dicentis high directive mic
High Directive Microphone. Read more
product image of a Dicentis short and long stem mic
Short & Long Stem Microphones. Read more
product image of Dicentis battery charger
Charger for 5 Batteries. Read more
product image of Dicentis transport case
Transport Case. Read more

Accessories for DICENTIS Wireless

  • DCN Multimedia High Directive Microphone (DCNM-HDMIC)
  • DCN multimedia Short Stem Microphone (DCNM-MICS)
  • DCN multimedia Long Stem Microphone (DCNM-MICL)
  • DICENTIS Battery Pack (DCN-WLIION-D)
  • DICENTIS Charger for 5 Batteries (DCNM-WCH05-US)
  • DICENTIS Transport Case for 8 Devices (DCNM-TC)

Software & Support

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DICENTIS Wireless Manuals

Download Operation Manual

Download Installation Manual

Download Configuration Manual

Installation Notes

Download Installation Note Part 1 of 2

Download Installation Note Set up

Download Installation Note Device

Download Installation Note De-installation

DICENTIS Wireless Software

Download Datasheet Software Dual Use At Seat


DICENTIS Wireless Accessories

DCN Multimedia High Directive Microphone (DCNM-HDMIC)

DCN multimedia Short Stem Microphone (DCNM-MICS)

DCN multimedia Long Stem Microphone (DCNM-MICL)

DICENTIS Wireless Battery Pack (DCN-WLIION-D)

DICENTIS Wireless Charger for 5 Batteries (DCNM-WCH05)

DICENTIS Wireless Transport Case for 8 Devices (DCNM-TC)