casting & research
Foreign language and foreign-accent casting:
from real people to pro talent

with over a decade of experience sourcing and headhunting talent globally, iProbe has unmatched capabilities in taking on the most challenging casting projects.

  • access to national and Int'l talent.
  • union & non-union.

our specialty is ethnic casting and recruiting native foreign-language speakers and people who speak English with a foreign accent for both on- and off-camera projects. Our custom searches for ethnic, unique and hard-to-find talent are used for film, television, and brands targeting US multicultural and international markets.

casting around the globe

from voice-over casting to real people casting, we can find you the talent you need within various US ethnic communities including Hispanic, Arab, Asian, European, and African. From nationwide outreach to local city searches, we work to deliver exactly the right talent for your project.

need native speakers outside of the US? Our worldwide network includes speakers of nearly every language.

The Tamil coach stands with a laptop in hand together with an actor<

whether seeking Mandarin native speakers or Arab men from Saudi Arabia, UAE or Qatar, iProbe delivers on time and on target.

in-depth research

using our proven search methods, which utilize strong references, pro tools, and other specialized resources, we are uniquely equipped to scout both the US ethnic and global communities to uncover the talent you need.

count on us to deliver timely, on-target results for your project.

services include:

  • recruiting & Interviewing
  • real People Casting
  • SAG/AFTRA/Non-Union Casting
  • research
The Tamil coach stands with a laptop in hand together with an actor<

from Czech to Cantonese, Farsi to Finnish, iProbe has you covered.

featured work

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