film & TV production support
Shoot in any language, in any country. We make it easy.

we help filmmakers, production companies and TV networks have trouble-free shoots and broadcasts by combining our language resources with years of experience in all stages of production, from prep to post.

prepping a shoot for the U.S. multicultural market, going abroad, or coming to film in New York City ? Our production support has you covered whether you're shooting a commercial, a corporate video, an industrial or an indie film or documentary for broadcast, Film or the Web.

translation services

we are a full-service language services company with in-depth experience of the entire pre and post-production process. We translate text documents and multimedia formats.

  • film & TV
  • video
  • digital
  • new media
  • web
  • print

get your releases, agreements, screenplays, scripts, documents, subtitles and videos translated accurately.

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transcription services

keep your production on track with production transcripts in English, in foreign languages and from any language into English.

in-Person language support

ensure linguistic accuracy during video edits and bilingual communication between cast and crew, onsite or remotely.

bilingual support for foreign crews

for Dutch, Flemish, French, Italian and Spanish crews filming in NYC: get a production manager who knows the city, speaks your language and can make things happen fast.

  • logistics & operational support
  • film permits
  • location management
  • production insurance
  • crew hire
  • transportation
  • equipment rental

learn more about our bilingual support services for foreign crews.

casting & research

find native speakers of foreign languages and English speakers with a foreign accent for your on-camera or off-camera project.

  • recruiting & interviewing
  • real people casting
  • SAG/AFTRA/non-Union casting
  • research

learn more about our foreign language casting & research services.

post production

make your content accessible to international audiences. Final deliverables are available on DVD, BD, pro tape (SD/HD) and for the Web.

have a project you’d like to talk to us about? Give us a call any time at 212-489-6035.