foreign language pronunciation support for actors

when an actor has lines in a language that is not their native tongue it's time to bring in iProbe's foreign language pronunciation service. We prepare actors to say their lines in any language. Our proven process helps actors sound fluent in language they've never spoken before.

before the shoot: pronunciation prep

pre-recorded study materials and a language coach to help with pronunciation makes all the difference. Our prep materials consist of:

  • the original English lines from the script
  • a translation of the English lines into the foreign language
  • a phonetic script
  • a recording of the lines by a native speaker of the foreign language

by converting the foreign language translation of your script into simple to understand phonetically spelled out words using the roman alphabet, your actor can practice reading the lines using the phonetic script while listening to the recording of the foreign language lines that our native speaker will record at a regular and slow pace. Using the phonetic script, the actor is able to rehearse the lines while listening to the recording, whether onset or from the comfort of his or her home. Our foreign language coaches are available for onsite or remote rehearsal via skype.

during the shoot: On-set Translation Department

iProbe's on-set Translation Department provides your actor with language support before and during the shoot. Our bilingual language coaches monitor the performance and help with on the fly changes for a faster wrap.

An iProbe bilingual coach fulfills the roles of an on-set language coach, a translator and a language monitor who listens, gives feedback and helps make changes to the script as needed. As a native speaker of the foreign language with near native English, our bilingual coach ensures the proper pronunciation and accuracy of the foreign language lines. The changes made to the script are written down and the as-recorded foreign language and English translation of the lines are prepped for hand-off to the script supervisor and to post-production.

on-set tools and technology rentals

The following are available to make your foreign language shoot a success.

  • laptop with language support installed and keyboard or writing pad input $100/day
  • printer Monochrome (HP Laserjet 1022nw or equivalent) $75/day*
  • printer Color (HP Laserjet CP3505 or equivalent) $200/day*
  • flash drive $5/day (4GB)
  • T-mobile Hotspot (2GB) $25/day/user

* Printer set up cost is included for our language coach when renting one of our laptops along with our printer. Additional fees apply to set up network printer for additional users.

after the shoot: wrap up make ready for post

when not all changes can be written down during the shoot, the English transcription of the foreign language lines can be done after the shoot. Our translators listen to the audio in the foreign language and type in English what is being said. We can also supply timecodes for ease of use in post production.