Case Study
ABC World News Tonight

simultaneous interpreters for live TV news broadcast

How iProbe helped broadcast live TV news with simultaneous interpreters.

we helped with

  • simultaneous interpretation

live broadcast of interpretation from Arabic

when ABC Worldnews Tonight needed Arabic into English on-air interpreting for "Good morning America" for October 19, 2005 3AM-11AM they turned to iProbe to supply the interpreter.

live broadcast of interpretation from Spanish and Italian

during the Pope John Paul II's hospitalization on February 2nd, 2005, ABC World News Tonight needed a team of Italian into English interpreters and booked iProbe's simultaneous interpretation service.

when the Papal conclave of 2005 was convened as a result of the death of Pope John Paul II on April 2, 2005. The conclave began on 18 April 2005 and ended the following day after four ballots. During the Conclave broadcast, iProbe supplied Spanish and Italian simultaneous interpreters to ABC World News Tonight. At the same time, NBC News booked an Italian into English interpreter for day shifts and nightshifts April 18-20, 2005.

live broadcast of interpretation from Hebrew

when Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Minister suffered a massive stroke in January 2006, ABC Worldnews Tonight needed Hebrew into English on-air interpreting January 5-8, 2006 and booked their Hebrew interpreter through iProbe.

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