Case Study
LANG AG: Tour Guide System Rental
How iProbe's reliable tour guide system rental helps the quality of LANG AG's yearly Infocomm tour

a trade show environment with the presenter and group

a presenter at Infocomm Las Vegas 2016 speaking into the headset mic and holding the FM transmitter while the German tour group listens via the earphones connected to the FM receivers.

the client's need

we helped with

  • the rental of a tour guide system

iProbe Client Testimonial

Thank you very much for your kind assistance and your great service.... The equipment was very useful for us, because it supported the quality of the stand tours, because everyone could hear quite well what the guide was telling no matter where he was standing. The stand tours wouldn’t have been possible without this system.

"iProbe did a terrific job. We repeatedly rented an audience guide system from them. Delivery was on time, everything was set, we just had to take out the sender and receivers and could start right away. The backpack in which the devices came was very comfortable and helpful. (iProbe's Equipment Rental Manager) Mrs. Setbon was absolutely reliable and made us feel cared for from the beginning to the end. Thank you very much!"

Rated 5 out of 5

the challenge

LANG AG is a major German audio visual distributor and rental house based near Berlin. Every year LANG's educational division, the LANG Academy, organizes for its clients an international visit to Infocomm, the premier audio visual trade show in the United States. The Infocomm location alternates every year between Las Vegas and Orlando.

each year 25-30 people take part in the tour and go visit the various vendor booths who present their latest and greatest AV innovations.

LANG's marketing team has to make all arrangements and oversees all the details to make sure the tour is a quality experience for its participants. Because of the size of the group, not all participants are able to stand close to the vendor's representatives who make the presentations by the trade show booths.

the solution

in order for the tour group participants to clearly hear the presentations, LANG reached out to iProbe regarding renting a tour guide system to use during the show days.

reliable tour guide equipment locally in the US

as the whole group flies in from Germany, it's more convenient to rent locally in the US. LANG avoids travel with an extra 25 lbs and can rest assured the equipment meets the FCC regulations for wireless devices.

by using a tour guide system, all German participants can clearly understand the manufacturer's presenters introducing their products and services.

every year, since 2011, iProbe supplies the tour guide system rental. One FM transmitter with a headset mic and 25-30 FM receivers with earphones, along with backups are carefully packed and tested. A pre-printed Fedex return label is included by iProbe in the case. iProbe ensures that the rental ships out early to arrive at the hotel on time and minimally a day before the start of the tour. The equipment arrives in a professional light weight bag or backpack depending on the number of receivers.

A near interference-free experience at a high-traffic trade show

For tour guide systems there are a number of radio frequencies one can choose from. At iProbe, we usually prefer using 72-76 Mhz in the VHF band. Other permissable frequencies for unlicensed users would be 216 Mhz or 2.4 Ghz.

When using tour guide systems at events like InfoComm, where radio frequencies are going to be overcrowded, chances of getting interference are VERY likely. This can result in a poor experience for the people using the equipment. It is therefore particularly important to put some thought into which radio frequency to set the tour guide system to.

a trade show environment with the presenter and group

The LANG tour group audience in front of the HDBT booth attends the presention and listen to the wireless audio coming out of their earphones which are connected to the tour guide system's body pack receivers.

a trade show environment with the presenter and group

The tour group audience listens attentively to presentations through the earphones connected to the body pack receivers of the tour guide system.

Before shipping the equipment, we preset the frequency on all transmitters and receivers so they are ready for use right out of the box. We make suggestions to stay off the most common frequencies as they may result in higher levels of interference at a show like InfoComm.

It works! Every year, LANG during the entire show visit experiences almost no interference from all the other tour groups and audio visual equipment showcased on the exhibit floor.

rental return

A pre-printed Fedex label is included by iProbe in the case and upon ending of the tour, LANG's marketing person is able to quickly drop off the bag at Fedex and hand the courier the label. The equipment arrives soon thereafter back at iProbe.

auf wiedersehen

LANG's team flies safely back to Germany knowing it can count on iProbe being there the following year for another carefree rental.

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