our interpretation services

we offer interpreters for conferences, seminars and other live events:


Our interpretation terms of service encompass the following:

as a professional interpretation service provider we specialize in providing interpreters for corporate meetings. We also provide interpreters for Film and TV production.

we offer the benefit of fifteen years industry experience providing first rate interpreters for a variety of bilingual and multilingual meetings, conferences and other events.

our guarantee: skilled accredited interpreters for your event

iProbe's interpreters have either a professional or para-professional level of accreditation authorities

professional interpreters are bound by a strict code of ethics covering confidentiality, impartiality, accuracy and reliability, and have completed training and assessment to certify that they have level of linguistic competence.

our selection process to secure quality conference interpreters for our clients takes into account the language combination, the subject matter, work experience, current and past employers, membership at professional associations, education and aptitude for the assignment. The interpreter is evaluated on the required technique (consecutive, simultaneous, whispering) and experience in similar environments. We understand the importance of the interpreter’s performance and we spare no effort to ensure that the interpreters we provide have the necessary training and experience to satisfy our clients’ needs.

let us help you to select the right interpreters. Contact our interpretation specialists.