Meeting recording & transcription services

We record the audio of your meetings and conference proceedings for:

To record the event, our digital recorders are connected to the floor audio and the audio feed is usually provided by the on-site AV company. Alternatively we can offer full-service sound reinforcement.

Marantz PDM 661 Digital Recorder

Audio Feed

Our meeting recording technician will discuss the details of the source audio feed with the event venue's staff technician to make sure we record audio with the best possible quality.

If available from the venue's mixing board, we request two independent , either at line level (preferred) or mic level.

If that’s not available, we'll work with the

Why pre-fader?

Our best practices for success

  1. We find out ahead of time what cables are required for us to bring along to the job. As a standard, we'll use XLR cables and have adapters at hand to make other configurations work.
  2. To quickly start uploading the audio files for further processing, we ask the venue to let us use an ethernet cable for high-speed Internet with wi-fi as a backup.
  3. We try to get early access to the room to do a test setup, especially if it's the first time we work in that room or venue.
  4. On the day of the event, we come in early and set up while performing a final check to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  5. When hired for transcription, we request the reference material ahead of time to help us prepare.

Audio recording for transcription

You can hire us to take care of both the recording and the transcription. We create clean verbatim transcripts for meetings and conferences. Learn more about our transcription services.

When the purpose of the recording is to get a transcript, keep in mind that:

What we request from you

In addition, to help us deliver as accurate a transcript as possible, it’s useful if you can provide us with:

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