Case Study
Berlin Cameron

Tibetan pronunciation for VitaminWater TV Commercial

How iProbe helped VitaminWater's advertising agency with Tibetan language pronunciation assistance for it's TV Commercial.

the client's need

we helped with

  • script translation
  • creation of phonetic script
  • audio recording of the lines in the foreign language

The challenge

Berlin Cameron asked us to help get Kasey Kahne, NASCAR driver ready to say a few lines in Tibetan for VitaminWater's :30 TV commercial. iProbe prepared the Tibetan translation of the script, a phonetic script for the actor to read the lines in the familiar Roman alphabet and a recording of the lines in Tibetan by a native speaker for the actor to listen and rehearse.

iProbe in action

First, translated the original English script into Tibetan, second, we created a phonetic pronunciation script, and finally our native Tibetan speaker made an audio recording of carefully repeating Tibetan sentences and words at different speeds.

End result

With the help of our script and recording actor Kasey Kahne was able to pull off the Tibetan lines and the commercial was a success.

See for yourself!

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