interpretation booth repair

illustration of exploded interpreter booth panels

repair services for interpreter booths

  • interpreter booth repairs
  • interpreter booth refurbishing
  • interpreter booth ventilation unit replacement

We offer repair for large and small interpretation booths of many types and brands.

contact us at 212-489-6035 to discuss your interpretation booth repair needs.

We can also repair some of the transport cases and ATA cases that come with the interpreter booths or offer custom replacement cases.

recycling of interpreter booths

Do you have broken or old interpreter isolation booths, also known as translation booths, you're looking to have removed and recycled? We offer recycling services, and also purchase interpreter booths that are preowned. Depending on the condition of the booth panels, we can also offer you a trade-in for a discounted new booth.

contact us at 212-489-6035 if you have old table top or full isolation interpretation booths you'd like to sell or recycle.

  • illustration that shows a translation booth transport case

    a translation booth transport case.