Are you an Video Technician and/or Projection Specialist in NYC with corporate AV experience ?

Freelance with us

We are looking for senior and Lead video technicians and projection specialists in NYC.

iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc. is a New York City based company seeking freelance Lead and Senior Video Technicians (V1/V2s) and Projection Specialists in and around NYC with live events & staging experience to set-up, operate and strike projectors, screens, monitors during events at hotels, conference centers, corporate offices and museums. Candidates must be experienced in projecting video and powerpoint presentations and be able to troubleshoot and maintain a professional and polished image under all circumstances. You must be able to work with clients and effectively communicate. Having a valid driver’s license and/or own vehicle is a plus. Having your own 1920 x 1280 laptop, cables, adapters and/or other gear is a plus.

A client friendly and professional demeanor (the tech needs to be able to interface with client) is a must as is the ability to work independently and be able to take charge.

While the ability to lift 50+ lbs is a plus, if you do have weight lift limitations, please mention so we can take into account and possibly assign you an assist tech. Depending on job, dress code is business (black suit and tie) or show black.

if you currently have full-time employment, meet the above criteria and are looking for another opportunity starting with freelance evening/weekend Audio Tech work, please mention this in your cover note.

If you interested in working with us in the future, the first step is to send us your application per the instructions on the bottom of this email.

Application instructions:

  1. Please email you covernote and resume with contact info pasted in the email body (NO attachment) and rates to
  2. in the cover note, please mention how you heard about this opportunity and describe your experience, specialties and skill level in working with video and projection for corporate AV. Mention if you have a valid driver's license and means of transportation. If you own a car/van/truck, please advise of brand/model and cargo area space (cargo floor length in inches). If you own a laptop capable of 1920 x 1280, adapters and/or other video projection gear or accessories, please list. If you have availability Oct 25 from approx 7AM ; Oct 26 from approx 3:30PM ; and/or Oct 27 from approx 10AM please let us know. In your resume include home address, phone, cell, email and skype contact info.
  3. when you apply, please mention the following in the email subject:

The subject field of your email must indicate the following based on a 10-hr day rate:
Projection Tech + "the city, state where you reside" + "your day-rate" + "your ½ day-rate"

Julie H. Setbon Founder & CEO
iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc. | Made in NY