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a front view of Bosch DCN-CCU2 Central Control Unit seen from a left angle
a front view of the Bosch DCN-CCU2 Central Control Unit
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Bosch DCN CCU2 Central Control Unit


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Model: DCN‑CCU2. MFR # F.01U.172.637


Condition: OB
Like new with open box and parts labor warranty

Unit was purchased new in 2015 from Bosch USA and never used.

We have two (2) like-new CCU2 units in stock available for shipping within the United States for local NYC pick up.

The CCU2 unit has the optical network connectors so you can connect Bosch I-desks, transmitters or audio expanders. The unit supports multi CCU functions.

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  • For DCN Next Generation or DCN wireless systems, or a combination of the two
  • In single‑CCU; maximum 245 wired contribution units, plus 245 wireless delegate units
  • For multi‑CCU systems, with up to 30 CCU’s and a total of 4000 contribution units
  • Voice activated microphone mode for wired and wireless systems
  • Ethernet connection for configuration and control computers

the Bosch DCN-CCU2 is a Central Control Unit (CCU) with features for controlling wired and wireless delegate microphones, distributing simultaneous interpretation and conducting voting sessions, all without an operator. In combination with a PC, this control unit brings greater sophistication to conference control. Users can access an extensive range of software modules, each with a specific function in controlling and monitoring a conference. These modules greatly expand the capacity to manage a conference. In the event of PC failure, this control unit will revert to its stand-alone operation mode, enabling the conference to proceed.

This new and improved control unit allows a maximum of 25 open microphones while the older CCU only allowed for up to four open microphones. With the DCN-CCU2, you can also mix and match a wired and wireless systems and distribute of up to 10 language channels plus floor to DCN wireless discussion units (maximum one DCN‑WAP per system). It has also an Ethernet connection for Control PC, Open Interface or slave CCU.

The CCU2 improves upon the control capabilities of the basic central control unit DCN-CCUB2. For example, the CCU2 optical network enables language distribution using wired microph9ones (thru channel selector). The optical network alllows a connection to I-desks, a transmitter and audio expanders. The CCU2 also supports multi CCU functions.

Bosch DCN CCU2 Central Control Unit Specs

Key Specifications

Supply voltage 100‑240 Vac 50‑60 Hz
Power consumption 360 W
DCN system supply 40 Vdc, max 85 W per DCN socket
Optical network supply 40 Vdc, max 65 W
Total power supply 320 W
RS‑232 connection 1 x nine‑pole Sub‑D female socket
Frequency response 30 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB at nominal level)
THD at nominal level < 0.5 %
Cross talk attenuation > 85 dB at 1 kHz
Dynamic range > 90 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio > 87 dBA
XLR nominal input -12 dBV (+/- 6 dB)
XLR maximum input +12 dBV
Cinch nominal input -24 dBV (+/- 6 dB)
Cinch maximum input +0 dBV
XLR nominal output -12 dBV (+6 / -24 dB)
XLR maximum output +12 dBV
Cinch nominal output -24 dBV (+6 / -24 dB)
Cinch maximum output +0 dBV
Mounting Tabletop or mounted in a 19” rack