assistive listening systems rental

reliable rental of assistive listening systems for meetings, conferences, and tours. Our rentals include headphones and neckloops that connect to a receiver for use with a hearing aid equipped with a T-coil switch or an induction earphone. With our assisted listening system you can broadcast a speaker’s voice or audio program to meet ADA requirements.

full service rentals

a complete, worry-free solution.

nationwide assistive listening & professional services.

equipment only rentals

we supply the technology, you provide the expertise and labor.

fast shipping across the U.S. and NYC local pick up & delivery.

solutions for every need

whether you are an event organizer, an AV company or an end-user, we have a rental solution that is right for you:

Premier brands: Listen Technologies, Williams Sound, Telex, Bosch

rent a wireless assistive listening system

a tour guide with a belt=pack transmitter and a headset and group individuals with receivers and headphones

portable FM assistive listening system

  • ultra portable / fast setup
  • 100 ft working range
  • beltpack, handheld or lanyard use
  • no technician required
  • analog audio
  • 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input jack
  • beginner user
Stationary FM transmitter and receivers for assistive listening

power FM assistive listening system

  • good for most types of events
  • 1000 ft-1500 ft working range
  • professional audio input jack
  • analog audio
  • desktop equipment
  • pro user level operation
infrared audio distribution equipment with a transmitter, radiators and receivers

digital infrared assistive listening distribution

  • infrared audio distribution
  • high fidelity & security
  • professional audio input jack
  • 10,000 ft coverage
  • no RF interference
  • pro user level operation

assistive listening systems service in all major US markets including:


assistive listening systems rentals designed to fit the needs of your event

Find the rental solution that's right for you

Need a rental? When renting assistive listening systems, two things are key: the ideal type of equipment for your event and if an AV technician is needed to set up and operate the equipment. Give us a call, and receive a complimentary consultation on the best assistive listening equipment to rent for your event.

let us help you to select the right rental. Call 212-489-6035 to speak with a rental specialist.

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