A StoryBooth Kiosk host holds up a roaming StoryBooth Kiosk Pro for a female to record her video in front of a backdrop featuring logos of NYC Small Business Services

StoryBooth Kiosk Pro
Record stories or testimonials at live events. Promote your brand.

5-minute time limit

StoryBooth Kiosk Pro is an interactive video recorder for one-on-one interviews or group sharing.

StoryBooth Kiosk Pro powers user-generated content at trade shows, exhibits, conferences and other gatherings.

promotional, marketing, and educational initiatives deploy this activation at live events to elicit ideas, get feedback, or collect stories or testimonials.

StoryBooth Kiosk Pro features programmable logic, customizable screen graphics, and an industry-leading 5-minute time limit per prompt.

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An illustration of a touch screen framed in a blue faceplate with StoryBooth Kiosk featuring an example screen inviting people to share their story.

Two women watching the video that was self-recorded using StoryBooth Kiosk; in the background is a convention center.

How it works

Prompts guide the participant to express their thoughts in a compelling way. The person thinks of a relevant story and their response can be recorded as video or audio-only.

when the kiosk is active, individuals go through the prompts, provide consent, push record, and start sharing! Select videos can be featured on websites, social media sites or archived. The video can also be sent to the respondent. AI summaries and transcripts can be delivered with the raw videos.

programmable logic

The programmable logic allows for a curated user journey. Text response or multiple choice selection are possible. A prompt can be triggered based on the type of respondent or other criteria. For example, the kiosk can ask the visitor to identify which group they belong to. If they are group "A", the prompt asks to share a story about subject X and if they are group "B", the story request can be about subject Y.

data collection

StoryBooth Kiosk Pro is programmable to collect personal data for lead generation, including name, email, phone number.

stationary or roaming activations

StoryBooth Kiosk Pro can be stationary or roaming at conferences, exhibits, and other meetings or gatherings.

Privacy and sound isolation

For better audio or more privacy, activations can be rented with brandable mobile, handicap-accessible sound isolation booths that can accommodate one or two people, or more. We offer both tabletop and fully enclosed isolation booths. The privacy offered by our story booths and video booths can be ideal for a confessional-style recording.


The activation can be fully branded with custom graphics.


Event organizers, production companies, and end-user organizations can provide their own staff to manage the activation or hire us to provide a StoryBooth Kiosk Host and dedicated onsite or off-site technical support.

post production

once the raw videos are available, we can assist with post-production. Post services include editing, formatting, captioning, creating graphics, exporting and delivery of clips for social medial platforms: Twitter, IG, TikTok, FaceBook, and YouTube. Clips can be subtitled or and voiced-over in foreign languages.

Two hands holding StoryBooth Kiosk with an LED light on top of the enclosure; in the background is a convention center.