Invisiframe corporate backdrops

backdrop with text saying investor presentation against a background that has a large train, blue sky and green grass

full service backdrop production

our backdrop production is full service, we'll even steam the backdrop fabric onsite to get the perfect look.

seamless corporate backdrops

we print corporate backdrops without seams up to 9.5' high and as wide as you need. If you need both directions to be higher than 9.5', one side will be heat sealed to minimize the visibility of the seams as much as possible.

high-end material and printing

our corporate backdrops are made with 100% Polyester stretch fabric that is anti-wrinkle, non-reflective, light-weight and perfect for heavy-duty use. The protective fire retardant coating makes this material ideal for indoor use at venues where fire safety is a concern. [link "fire retardant coating" to: Fire safety standards guaranteed]

the combination of this material and the Dye Sublimation and Latex technology we use for printing results in great definition on all colors.

Invisiframe Corporate backdrops: no visible hardware

we offer edge-to-edge printed corporate backdrops with no visible hardware exposed. Sizes vary from 8 ft x 12 ft, 8 ft x 24 ft, 10 ft x 12 ft, 10ft x 24 ft to 8 ft x 36 ft or more. Invisiframe Corporate Backdrops are available with and without side panels. Invisiframe Step & Repeat Backdrops are also available. Side panels hide the hardware from the front as well as the left and right sides.

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24 foot wide by 8 foot high custom event backdrop with invisible frame
24 foot wide by 8 foot high custom event frameless backdrop

retractable backdrops

our retractable backdrops look great behind the presenter's table and are flexible to fit in most places and can be custom sized from 8 ft x 8 ft anywhere to 8 ft x 16 ft. If a room has a lower ceiling height than anticipated or there's an unexpected riser that takes up vertical space the hardware can be lowered to fit.

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custom retractable backdrop up to 16foot wide by 8 foot high

Retractable Corporate Backdrop
up to 8 ft x 16 ft

custom retractable backdrop up to 16foot wide by 8 foot high

Retractable Corporate Backdrop
up to 8 ft x 16 ft

retractable backdrops in corporate settings


Quality without worries

  • vibrant colors
  • high-definition prints that look great up-close and far away
  • environmentally-friendly, recyclable and odorless materials

it doesn't end here. Our full-service approach makes sure you enjoy the benefits of your displays without having to stress over the project coordination details.

have iProbe to handle your corporate event backdrop needs for a worry free experience.

fire safety standards certifications

Our step and repeat backdrops are printed on fabric rolls that have been treated with Class A fire retardant and/or have been manufactured with a portion of inherent flame retardant yarns. Because of the way the yarns are treated during the manufacturing process, the resulting fabric inhibits the spread of fire and provides more time for people to evacuate the building.

in addition, fabrics with this particular type of yarns maintain their flame retardant quality for their entire lifetime (even if exposed to flames or repeated washes).

Our stretch fabric is certified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and meets the Fire Retardant NFPA 701 small scale test (aka the "vertical fire test").

our 50w banner lighting solution is approved under the Halogen Lighting Policy of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The 50w MR16 halogen lamp bulbs have a front safety glass that is integrated with the bulb design and require no other shield as part of the light fixture.