wide format banners & backdrops

full service banner and backdrop production

help your brand shine with large-format banners and backdrops for indoor meetings, conferences, and roadshows. Standard sizes are up to 36 ft by 8 ft. Larger sizes are available upon request. We also offer lectern branding.

our turn-key service handles every aspect of your event backdrop including PDF/image proofs, image print, stand or frame rentals, delivery, assembly & steaming, lighting, and dismantling.

rush service

we offer rush production of seamless banners and backdrops at sizes 24 ft wide by 8 ft high, 18 ft wide by 8 ft high, 16 ft wide by 8 ft high, 12 ft wide by 4 ft high, 12 ft wide by 8 ft high, 12 ft wide by 4 ft high.

24' x 8' backdrops

12'x 8' to 16' x 8' retractable backdrops


Our standard banner service includes low-voltage halogen spot lights. This lighting solution uses an adjustable clamp that attaches to the upper part of the banner stand. The lights feature a stem-mounted fixture that employs an arm extending outward from the mounting mechanism and ending with a movable light head to further direct the light beam with the desired angle.

each spotlight comes with a 16 foot long cord, making it easy to reach a power source without the use of extension cords.

make the first impression count

made of high quality stretch fabric and properly lit, our banners and backdrops are not just displays; they are a functional, elegant expression of your brand and core message, designed to make a lasting first impression on your event attendees.

ideal indoor branding solution

the banners and backdrops are designed to look great at a close distance of ten feet and as far away as 100 feet or more. This makes them an ideal branding solution for business meetings and events taking place in a wide range of indoor facilities:

  • meeting rooms
  • executive boardrooms
  • conference rooms
  • ballrooms
  • banquet halls
  • auditoriums
  • convention centers
  • theatrical stages

Our step-by-step, high-quality process:

  • proper lighting, for maximum impact
  • professional installation

print sizes for our banners and backdrops start at 8 ft x 4 ft (243.84 cm x 121.92 cm) and are virtually limitless in measurements.

a range of displays are available for temporary and permanent installations.


Invisiframe backdrops

our Invisiframe backdrops feature edge-to-edge printing and no visible hardware exposed. Sizes are available from 12 ft by 8 ft, 18 ft by 8 ft, 24 ft by 8 ft, and more. We offer corporate backdrops and step & repeat backdrops.

high-end material and printing

our banners and backdrops are made with 100% Polyester stretch fabric that is anti-wrinkle, non-reflective, light-weight and perfect for heavy-duty use. The protective fire retardant coating makes this material ideal for indoor use at venues where fire safety is a concern. [link "fire retardant coating" to: Fire safety standards guaranteed]

the combination of this material and the Dye Sublimation and Latex technology we use for printing results in great definition on all colors.

Quick Tip: what should my banner say?

the message on your banner will depend on the type of event and your communication goals.

  • at Global IPO Roadshows, the banner lists the Presenting Company, the stock code, the type of presentation whether being a "Public Offering", "Global Offering" or "Investor Presentation" and the Joint Sponsors. Also one can find mentioned the Joint Global Coordinators, the Joint Bookrunners, the Joint Lead Managers and the Sale Financial Advisor.
  • if you are aiming for brand visibility and photo opportunities, the banner might simply include name and logo for your brand and sponsors, as well as the name of the event (and date, if important to capture on camera). Or you can use a "Step & Repeat" banner, with two or more logos repeated in a pattern.
  • at trade shows and exhibits, when you need to stand out in a crowded floor, the message on your banner should spark the interest of your audience at a quick glance. It should be brief, catchy, and straight to the point.
- Focus on the value of your offer or address your audience's core pain point..
- Use a question or visual that makes the readers think and stop on their tracks.
- Add a list of your company's products and services (secondary to the core message about your value offer).

Quality without worries

by opting for our combination of high-quality stretch fabrics, water-based inks and advanced printing technology, you invest in an elegant branding solution.

Product benefits:

it doesn't end here. Our full-service approach makes sure you enjoy the benefits of your displays without having to stress over the project coordination details.

have iProbe to handle your event banners and backdrops needs for a worry free experience.

fire safety standards certifications

Our banners and backdrops are printed on fabric rolls that have been treated with Class A fire retardant and/or have been manufactured with a portion of inherent flame retardant yarns. Because of the way the yarns are treated during the manufacturing process, the resulting fabric inhibits the spread of fire and provides more time for people to evacuate the building.

in addition, fabrics with this particular type of yarns maintain their flame retardant quality for their entire lifetime (even if exposed to flames or repeated washes).

Our stretch fabric is certified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and meets the Fire Retardant NFPA 701 small scale test (aka the "vertical fire test").

our 50w banner lighting solution is approved under the Halogen Lighting Policy of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The 50w MR16 halogen lamp bulbs have a front safety glass that is integrated with the bulb design and require no other shield as part of the light fixture.