MPB-12 rental

The MPB-12 mobile podcast booth reduces room noise level. The MPB-12 podcasting booth significantly reduces ambient and acoustic noise, and is ideal for podcast and vodcast recording.

an illustration of the mpb-12 podcast booth

MPB-12 mobile podcast booth rentals

our MPB-12 is a fully enclosed portable booth that provides complete sound isolation for one or two podcasters. Lightweight construction makes for easy transport. Air ventilation, and an integrated work surface are optional. An assembled booth takes up 22 sqf of floor area space.

the standard MPB-12 podcasting booth has windows on the front and partial windows on the side. Configurations are available with more windows, or no windows.

DIMS (ext): 51.25" W x 72.375" H x 63" D

includes 2-person audio podcast kit:

  • (2) Dynamic microphone on tabletop desk stand
  • (1) 2-channel audio mixer & 1-track recorder
  • (1) Multi-track field recorder
  • (2) Headphones & amplifier
  • (1) XLR cable package with memory card


  • 45-60 min (1-2 people)
  • no tools required
  • a technician is recommended for the setup
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availability: Please call to schedule rental.

an illustration of a branded mpb-12 podcast booth

Brand your MBP-12 podcast booth

full service rentals with branding and custom printing for experiential marketing and other events.


  • full service branding
  • print production
  • branding license

availability: Please contact us for rental quote.

a picture of the MPB-12 podcast booth with the door open
a picture of the front of the MPB-12 podcast booth
a picture of the MPB-12 podcast booth from farther away
a picture of the back of the MPB-12 podcast booth

USA & worldwide rentals

we provide local podcast booth rentals in New York City, and worldwide full-service rentals are offered for trade shows, exhibits, conferences and other events. Our rental service includes booth delivery, build, breakdown and show management. The podcast booth is fully portable; and can be delivered and assembled on-site without the use of an elevator.

podcast booth rental service in all major US markets including:

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product information
Designed by: iProbe
Item Name: MBP-12
Item Weight (lbs) 216
Item Weight (kg): 98
Shipping Weight (lbs): 298 (View shipping rates and policies (coming soon))
Shipping Weight (kg): 135 (View shipping rates and policies (coming soon))
Shipping: International (see terms & conditions)
Assembled Product Dimensions Ext. WxDxH (inches): 51.25 x 63 x 72.375
Assembled Product Dimensions Ext. WxDxH (cm): 130,2 x 160,2 x 183,8
Assembled Product Dimensions Int. WxDxH (inches): 48.25 x 60 x 71
Assembled Product Dimensions Int. WxDxH (cm): [coming soon]
Item model number: MPB-12
Form factor category: Semi-portable
Number of panels: 12 (four with Plexiglas® windows)
Capacity: 1-2 people
Floor space area (sqf): 20.25
Floor space area (sqm): 1.88
Color (outside):
Dark grey
Color (inside): Dark blue
Exterior construction: Expanded vinyl or ABS plastic with a sound barrier of acoustic foam and insulation laminated with aluminum foil.
Interior construction: Acoustic textile 100% polyester.
Framing: PVC extrusion with hook & loop fastener.
Air ventilation: optional intake and exhaust fans (included in rentals)
Cabling: Outlets for lighting, power, and cables
Assembly time: 20-30 minutes (1-2 people)
Tools required: None
Technician required: Recommended
Storage & Shipping
(1) ATA-300 shipping case on wheels (or soft case)
Case weight (lbs)
Case weight (kg)
Case outside dimensions (inches): 74.750 x 21.375 x 29
Case outside dimensions (cm): 73,66 x 54,29 x 189,87
Case outside dimensions incl wheel (inches): 74.750 x 26.1875 x 29
Case outside dimensions incl wheel (cm): 73,66 x 66,52 x 189,87
Space requirements (cu): 34 ft3