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Our Compact-12 is a space saving fully enclosed isolation interpreter booth. Also referred to as a full size booth or "full isolation" booth, it provider moderate sound isolation and is suitable for many types of meetings and conferences. The Compact-12 accommodates 1 or 2 interpreters and fits where a traditional full size booth may not. It occupies a floor area of about 20 sqf. It is also lighter weight than a standard interpreter booth, which makes it easier for transport and handling. To fit a third interpreter, a large table or more equipment, we offer an extended version.

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space saving full isolation simultaneous interpretation booth

when hosting your meeting or conference in a popular city, it's not uncommon to find ballrooms and large spaces already booked where you have no choice but to settle for a smaller space.

another challenge could be that while only a small space is budgeted, the venue thinks that that based on your number of attendees, and the need for full isolation interpreter booths they don't think you can fit in the more affordable room and instead propose a larger, more expensive space.

with iProbe's Compact-12 full isolation booth only taking up 20.25 sqf and standing at 72.375", limited floor space and low ceilings no longer have to be a challenge.

it's a solution that gives you more flexibility and functionality without compromising on sound-isolation and performance.

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lighting in the interpreter booth

The Compact-12 full isolation interpreter booth rental includes an option for a Littlite dimmable gooseneck LED light system. The Littlite gooseneck task lamp is energy efficient and can be switched between a red or white color output. These compact low-heat, orientable light sources are provided, mounted on a base stand with adjustable fittings. The light covers the work surface and provides continuous control from 100 lx to over 300 lx, measured at work surface level.

the top part of an LED task light

Littlite gooseneck task lamp.

order an interpreter booth with custom print

an interpreter booth with custom print can be an extra source of revenue from sponsorship. Using digital printing technology we turn an interpreter booth into an advertising beacon for your event. Send us your design or request our design services.

get a quote to rent an interpreter booth with custom print. Please allow a lead time of at least 3-4 weeks for the printing.

along with the custom printed interpreter booth, we can also supply wide format banners and backdrops to enhance your event branding.

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  • full booth in the corner of a meeting room with banquet style seating
  • full booth in the corner of a fancy meeting room with cabaret style seating
  • full booth in the corner of a meeting room with banquet u-shape style seating

product information
Designed by: iProbe
Item Name: Compact-12
Item Weight (lbs) 216
Item Weight (kg): 98
Shipping Weight (lbs): 298 (View shipping rates and policies (coming soon))
Shipping Weight (kg): 135 (View shipping rates and policies (coming soon))
Shipping: International (see terms & conditions)
Assembled Product Dimensions Ext. WxDxH (inches): 51.25 x 61.75 x 72.375
Assembled Product Dimensions Ext. WxDxH (cm): 130.2 x 156.8 x 183.8
Assembled Product Dimensions Int. WxDxH (inches): [coming soon]
Assembled Product Dimensions Int. WxDxH (cm): [coming soon]
Item model number: Compact-12
Work surface dimensions WxD (inches): approx 16 x 49 .
Form factor category: Semi-portable
Number of panels: 12 (four of which featuring Plexiglas® windows)
Capacity: 1-2 interpreters
Floor space area (sqf): 20.25
Floor space area (sqm): 1.88
Color (outside):
Dark grey / Light Grey
Color (inside): Dark blue
Exterior construction: Covering of expanded vinyl with a special sound barrier of acoustic foam and laminating aluminum foil
Interior construction: Covering made with 100% polyester cotton 9 mm woven density
Framing: High-density PVC extrusion with velcro
Air ventilation: optional intake and exhaust fans (included in rentals)
Cabling: Outlets for lighting, power, and cables
Assembly time: 20-30 minutes (1-2 people)
Tools required: None
Technician required: Recommended
Storage & Shipping
In transit case on wheels, skidded crate, on dolly or cart, or other, as appropriate.
Transit Case weight (lbs)
Case weight (kg)
Case outside dimensions (inches): 29 x 21.375 x 74.75
Case outside dimensions (cm): 73.66 x 54.29 x 189,87
Case outside dimensions incl wheel (inches): 29 x 26.19 x 74,75
Case outside dimensions incl wheel (cm): 73.66 x 66.52 x 189,87
Space requirements (cu): [coming soon]