a tabletop booth

tabletop interpreter booth rentals

our table-top interpreter booths feature three-way sound isolation and accommodate one or two interpreters. It comes in a soft case, weighs 52 lbs (24 kg) and is easy to set up without tools. The tabletop booth is well suited for independent or private sector events in of a low cost easy to assemble interpreter booth. It is recommended to have at least 24 inches of clearance all around the table-top booth. It can be set up on any rectangular banquet table or work surface that is at least 72 inches in length and 24 inches in width.


  • 5 minutes (1 person)
  • no tools required
  • Technician required: no

availability: Please call to schedule rental.

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an illustration of a full isolation booth

Full isolation interpreter booth rentals

our Compact-12 interpreter booth provides dependable sound isolation. It is a fully enclosed and accommodates one or two interpreters. It is expandable to fit a third interpreter, a large table or more equipment. Lightweight construction makes for easier transport compared to traditional full booths. The design has an integrated work surface and air ventilation. An assembled booth takes up 20.25 sq of floor area space. The external measurements are 51.25" W x 72.375" H x 61.75" D.


  • 20-30 min (1-2 people)
  • no tools required
  • a technician is recommended for the setup
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interpreter booths rental for any type of meeting

iProbe offers easy-to-use and efficient interpreter isolation booth rentals. Both full isolation booths or "full booths" and table-top isolation booths or "tabletop booths" are available for rent. Our rental stock includes industry-leading portable interpreter booths with a space-saving interpreter booth designed as a practical solution for small to medium events with space constraints.

Our compact full isolation interpreter booth is well suited for independent or private sector events in need of a space saving high-performance interpreter booth. It comes in a portable form factor optimal for short-term installation and features a compact modular design of panels manufactured with lightweight and durable sound-isolating materials. Easy to transport and fast to assemble our interpreter booths provide a professional environment for interpreters to perform at their best.

With interpreter booths stored in New York, we have fast access to the entire North East corridor, from Boston to Washington, DC. and travel to accomodate meetings and conferences throughout the United States. We also facilitate rentals anywhere in the world via our network of local partners.

For organizers who prefer the interpreter booth to be inconspicuous, or not to take up event space, the booth can be placed in a separate room with a cable run to the interpretation system. Cameras and video monitor rental is available to arrange a live video feed for the interpreters.

    a tabletop interpreter booth set up in room with banquet style seating a full interpreter isolation booth set up in a fancy meeting room

benefits of an interpreter booth

Consider this as you evaluate to rent an interpreter booth for your event:

  • Working in a comfortable, professional booth helps interpreters maintain the high concentration level needed for the job;
  • At events with more than two languages being spoken, interpreter booths prevent mutual interference between the interpreted languages;
  • Without acoustic separation between the interpreters and the audience, the interpreters' voice may travel into the room.
  • For organizers looking to place the multi-cultural or international aspect on the forefront, an interpreter booth can serve as a visual showcase featured in the event coverage.

An interpreter booth contributes to a better event experience for all.

Are there ISO requirements for your event ?
Please provide the meeting specs with the ISO interpreter booth and language distribution requirements to include in our bid.

LED lighting in booth

Proper lighting in the interpretation boooth is beneficial to the interpreter's environment and helps simultaneous interpreters take notes and review documentation.

Our full isolation interpreter booth rentals are equipped with Littlite LED gooseneck task lights to illuminate the interpreters' work area.

The low-heat, orientable task light features a full range dimmer so each interpreter can control his or her own lighting during the study of printed materials and use of a laptop or tablet. A sturdy cast weighted base keeps the light in place, and its compact form factor contributes to the clean looking work surface.

LED task light