Portable FM Interpretation System Rental

Rent a portable bodypack RF system for wireless simultaneous interpretation.

What's Included:

  • Bodypack RF Transmitter (one per channel)
  • Behind-the-head Microphone
  • FM Receivers (single channel or multichannel)
  • Earphones
  • AA Batteries
  • Beltclips
  • Lanyards (optional)

best use

  • for small events and tour groups (ideal for events with 20-30 attendees, though it can work with more)
  • for a setup where the receivers are at no more than approx. 100 feet from the transmitter
  • when the use of an interpreter console is not required
  • small event systems easy to operate yourself


  • easiest interpretation system to set up and operate
  • economical solution
  • supports up 6 to 8 simultaneous languages
  • small event systems easy to operate yourself


  • Limited transmission range (approximately 100 feet)
  • Interpreter must be in same room as attendees
  • The interpreter is not able to control the volume of the incoming audio feed
  • battery-only power
  • analog RF is not suitable if confidentiality is required

For advanced use, such as as multiple simultaneous channels, familiarity with the following is recommended:

  • the RF spectrum
  • analog FM technology

first time user?

The bodypack RF system is cost effective and easy to use for interpreters.

We make it even easier and preset the system for you.

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Read our guide and find out if a portable bodypack FM system is the right simultaneous interpretation solution for your event.

The Event Planner's Guide to RF Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation

a tour guide with a belt=pack transmitter and a headset and group individuals with receivers and headphones

Portable FM Interpretation System

  • ultra portable / fast setup
  • beltpack, handheld or around the neck use
  • no technician required
  • analog audio
  • 100 ft working range
  • beginner user