FM conference interpretation equipment rental

an RF language interpretation system for conferences and meetings of all sizes

What's Included:

  • analog FM transmitter (for up to 8 languages)
  • FM Receivers (up to 8 languages)
  • dual interpreter console
  • earphones
  • AA Batteries
  • beltclips
  • lanyards (optional)

best use

  • events of all sizes
  • rooms of all sizes. The typical system range is 1000-1500 ft
  • one-to-many meetings and conference setups
  • events with multiple room coverage needs
  • for a flexible RF set-up with intellegible audio


  • good sound quality
  • a solid RF solution
  • supports 6-8 simultaneous languages
  • iProbe pro technicians set up, monitor and dismantle the equipment for a worry free event experience
  • the system supports up to two interpreters per target language
  • interpreter can be in the same or in an adjacent room
  • the interpreter is able to control the volume of the incoming audio feed


  • for clients interested in a pro solution
  • the audio travels across walls
  • it is recommended to book iProbe's technician to set up and monitor during the event

frequently rented with

For users looking for an equipment-only rental, experience with the following is recommended:

  • pro audio
  • RF technology

first time client ?

Our full service offering makes it a worry free experience for you.

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view of an analog interpreter console inside a full isolation interpreter booth

FM Conference Interpretation System

  • a professional RF audio solution
  • RF can travel across walls
  • professional interpretation booth set up
  • receivers can be handheld or worn around the neck
  • technician recommended
  • analog audio
  • 1000-1500 ft coverage
  • pro user level operation
  • by professionals for professionals