A StoryBooth Kiosk host shows a participant her 60 second video at the 2023 Annual Citywide Procurement Fair in NYC

StoryBooth Kiosk
Record stories or testimonials at live events. Promote your brand.

StoryBooth Kiosk is an interactive recorder to collect stories or testimonials at live events for social media, the web and/or archival. This innovative activation powers promotional, marketing, and educational initiatives looking for an automated process with customized prompts to capture data and on-location user-generated videos. For example, a question prompt could ask attendees, employees, and communities to share a story about a product or experience.

StoryBooth Kiosk is available as a stationary or roaming activation at conferences, exhibits, and other meetings or gatherings.

rentals powered by StoryBooth Kiosk are available to event organizers, production companies, and end-user organizations

StoryBooth Kiosk Pro

StoryBooth Kiosk Pro allows for a curated experience to record a video or audio response of five minutes or less. The raw deliverables can be available almost immediately, with custom logic, lead generation and integration options.

StoryBooth Kiosk Infinity

StoryBooth Kiosk Infinity records unlimited videos directly to the single prompt device. The video response is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds. Branding options include a custom logo.


  • Mobile device
  • 10.9 or 12.9 touch screen
  • 15 sec to 5-min recording time limit
  • 4:3 aspect ratio (640x480)
  • Your logo
  • Automated process
  • Custom prompt(s)
  • Consent form
  • Data collection
  • LED lights
  • On premises or "cloud" recording
  • Stationary or hand-held
  • Optional sound isolation
Two women watching the video that was self-recorded using StoryBooth Kiosk; in the background is a convention center.

sound isolation

Sound isolation booth rentals are available for set up as a story booth or mobile "video booth".