License-free Drive-in Audio FM System Rental

Rent drive-in audio FM equipment that doesn't require an FCC license to broadcast.

What's Included:

  • Radio FM Transmitter
  • Fixed telescopic or wire antenna

best use

  • for small to medium parking lot gatherings
  • for a setup where the car radios antennas are 200-400 feet from the FM transmitter
  • simple to operate
  • no need for an FCC license


  • simple system to set up and operate
  • economical solution
  • additional FM transmitters can expand the range
  • small event system easy to operate yourself


  • Limited transmission range (approximately 200 to 400 feet)
  • Add additional transmitters for increased coverage
  • The transmitter and antenna must be protected from weather elements
  • needs power to operate
  • analog RF is not suitable if confidentiality is required
  • an XLR cable with adapters can be useful for long runs
  • for best coverage, place transmitter 10ft to 20ft off the ground

For advanced use, such as as multiple simultaneous channels, familiarity with the following is recommended:

  • the RF spectrum
  • analog FM technology

first time user?

The license-free drive-in audio FM system is cost effective and easy to use.

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the church audio technicians broadcasts using the fm transmitter

license-free drive-in FM system

  • 200-400 ft working range
  • 88-108 Mhz band
  • use with car radio or portable boombox
  • optional FM receivers with disposable earbuds
  • RCA or 1/4" audio input jack
  • beginner to intermediate user level operation
  • license-free FCC authorized broadcast
the church audio technicians broadcasts using the fm transmitter

Success Story

Life Church El Paso rents FM Transmitter for its drive-in services.

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