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reliable rental of audio equipment for drive-in movies, religious services and other events that bring people together, but still keep them apart. Our FM radio systems broadcast your audio to FM car radios, portable boomboxes, and handheld FM receivers. Each person tunes to the FM transmitter's broadcast and listens via personal headphones, earphones, or disposable earbuds. Our license-free drive-in audio systems make it possible for the event audio to be output via a radio FM transmitter and heard within 200 ft to 400 ft. FCC licensed or exempt users can upgrade the radio FM transmitter to reach 500 ft to 1,000 ft, or more. Our wifi audio systems allow people to listen using their smartphones or rental receivers.

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rent a wireless audio drive-in system

stationary fm transmitter for drive-in audio

license-free drive-in fm system

  • 200-400 ft working range
  • radio fm transmitter 88-108 Mhz band
  • use with car radio or portable boombox
  • optional FM receivers with disposable earbuds
  • RCA or 1/4" audio input jack
  • beginner to intermediate user level operation
  • license-free FCC authorized broadcast
drive-in audio fm transmitter for operators with an FCC licenced

Operator Drive-in FM System

  • 500 ft to 1.5 miles working range
  • radio fm transmitter 88-108 Mhz band
  • use with car radio or portable boombox
  • optional FM receivers with disposable earbuds
  • external indoor or outdoor antenna
  • professional audio input jack
  • licensed user operation
a diagram showing the audio flow for the fm transmitter, the outdoor wireless access point and the wireless router folding stand for access point

WiFi Audio Communication System

  • 200 ft to 350 ft working range
  • small area or large area coverage options
  • 45 to 200 connected listeners
  • expandable to up to 1500 users listeners
  • 1 to 32 simultaneous channels
  • listen on your own smart phone or tablet
  • professional audio input jack
  • intermediate to advanced user

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Need a rental? When renting drive-in audio equipment, two things are key: the ideal type of equipment for your event and if an AV technician is needed to set up and operate the equipment. Give us a call, and receive a complimentary consultation on the best audio description equipment to rent for your event.

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