Case Study
Life Church El Paso: Radio FM Transmitter Rental
Life Church El Paso rents FM Transmitter for its drive-in services.

church parking lot viewed from far

a view of the church parking lot where the drive-in service is happening.

the client's need

we helped with

  • rental of fm transmitter for drive-in services

iProbe Client Testimonial

as a church family we found ourselves in a situation of not being able to be together face to face because of the pandemic. The FM transmitter that iProbe provided for our church was the perfect solution.
We could not have done drive-in services as quickly and as effectively as we did without their help and equipment.

5 / 5 stars

the challenge

Life Church El Paso is non-denominational church based in Texas. It has a growing gathering of people seeking to live out their faith journey together in a way that is real, relevant, and refreshing. Since 2001, Life Church has grown from a small handful of people into hundreds coming to the three weekend gatherings to worship.

During the 2020 global pandemic, Life Church was seeking to bring its parishioners together, but still keep them apart.

the solution

Life Church El Paso looked to rent drive-in audio equipment to allow parishioners to attend Easter Sunday religious services from the safety of their own cars. After exchanging information regarding the number of expected cars, the size of the parking lot, and the placement of the audio mixer, iProbe shipped out a radio FM transmitter with a fixed omnidirectional antenna. With a working range of up to 200 feet, the system performed so well that the pastor decided to extend the rental to continue weekly broadcasts of the service keeping with social distancing norms. Should the church experience a significant growth in attendance during this period, additional license-free FM transmitters can be added, provided there's available requencies.

legal and license-free church broadcasts in the United States

iProbe's License-free Drive-In FM System for churches uses transmitters with a fixed antenna that are registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and do not require an FCC operator license. Therefore, Life Church El Paso can rest assured its religious service broadcast is guaranteed legal at all times.

Compatible with any commercially available standard FM receiver

because these license-free transmitters broadcast on a standard FM frequency (87.9 to 107.9 MHz), just like commercials FM radio stations, any kind of commercially available standard FM receiver can be used to receive the signal transmitted. If a car is equipped with a radio tuner, the parishioner has the option to listen using a portable boombox with radio tuner, or a personal device with equipped with an FM radio such as an mp3 or smart-phone with a built-in FM radio or the church could acquire economical disposable radio FM receivers to hand-out.

the church audio technicians broadcasts using the fm transmitter

the church audio technician broadcasts using the fm transmitter.

a close-up of the fm transmitter<

a close-up of the fm transmitter.

a view of parked cars from the top

the parishioners attend the religious service from the safety of their cars.

a view of parishioners waiving from their parked cars

parishioners appear happy they can listen to the service using their car radios.

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