financial roadshows support

iProbe provides a variety of services to assist financial roadshow companies in the execution of smooth and flawless presentations. We regularly support roadshows in New York City and Boston and can deploy in San Francisco or other locations anywhere in the United States.


with vast experience supporting leading global roadshow companies, we have the onsite teams, know-how and resources to quickly execute simultaneous interpretation services, produce a banner, or a backdrop with LED uplighting and provide photography coverage.

finance industry events

  • Equity Roadshows
  • Fixed Income Roadshows
  • Global IPO Roadshows
  • Non-deal Roadshows (NDRs)
  • M&A Roadshows
  • industry events and conferences
  • branding and promotional events

if you are planning a financial roadshow in the United States, we will coordinate with your local team and global supporting teams for your Boston, New York and San Francisco events.

we stay on top of the event preparation, and work with you and your selected venue to finalize AV requirements and room layout...all executable on short notice, because we understand such is the nature of financial roadshows.

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interpretation equipment rental

when it comes to financial roadshows, and Global IPO roadshows featuring global offerings and investor presentations in particular, it is very common to book simultaneous interpretation equipment and interpreters with just a few days notice. We are equipped to fulfill your last minute requests with expert technical and language assistance.

A typical set up for a global IPO roadshow needing simultaneous interpretation:

  1. Corporate Video - content can be translated, subtitled, voiced-over, captioned in any language
  2. Opening - conducted in English by the presenter, interpreted in simultaneous mode to foreign language
  3. Presentation by the Company management in the foreign language - interpreted into English for the audience ~ 25 mins
  4. Q&A session - in English/foreign language and interpretation in consecutive or simultaneous mode ~ 5 mins
  5. Closing - conducted in English by the presenter, simultaneous interpretation into the foreign language

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for roadshow luncheon presentation lasting up to 30 minutes, you need a minimum of one simultaneous interpreter per language pair.

during the presentation, the interpreter will perform simultaneous interpretation from inside the interpreter booth using the provided language interpretation system. If you after the presentation there is a questions and answers session, typically the one interpreter will step out of the booth and sit by the management table to cover the Q & A using consecutive interpretation mode.

alternatively, if you need the Q&A session interpreted in simultaneous mode, it is usual to have two interpreters for any session lasting more than approximate 30 to 45 minutes. If your session is longer and a single interpreter is preferred we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific event needs.

as a practice, it is best to book your interpreters as far in advance as possible in order to secure the best available resources. At iProbe we understand the very nature of financial PR and roadshows requires the capability for prompt deployment and we help you book qualified, professional interpreters within your available time frame.

learn more about our simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services.

banners & backdrops

a well made large banner or backdrop with the company's branding makes a great first and lasting impression on your audience. The banner or backdrop is ideally positioned behind the management of the presenting company in full view of the guests.

the banner needs to be attractive and attention-grabbing but not too distracting, and designed so the important information is not blocked by the head table.

factors that influence the choice of the type and size of banner or backdrop include meeting layout, room dimensions, ceiling height, event type, budget, production turnaround time and personal preference.

service includes:

typical banner/backdrop sizes

  • 4' H x 10' W banner
  • 4' H x 12' W banner
  • 8' H x 12' W backdrop
  • 8' H x 16' W backdrop
  • 8'H x 8' W step and repeat
  • 8'H x 12' W step and repeat

our banner and backdrop services includes LED spotlights to provide some accented lighting. For a true professional lighting solution to make the backdrop look superb, learn more about our uplighting using LED bars.

learn more about our Banners & Backdrop service and how to make a visual impact at your next roadshow.

LED lighting services

for events looking to make an even bigger impact, LED uplighting will make a backdrop or branding panel look even nicer. iProbe is able to customize to suit many colors preference. We are also able to design lighting shows.

For presentations with video we suggest a full color mix during the opening, presentations, Q &A session, closing and dimming the lights to 50% when playing a video.

learn more about our LED lighting services.

Audio visual support

For roadshows and other live events takings place at full service hotels, we recommend you work with the venue's in-house audio visual provider. That supplier should have a large onsite stock of audio and video rental equipment to easily accommodate last minute changes common at financial roadshows. We collaborate with the AV provider and the hotel to oversee the planning of the room layout.

If you are organizing an event at a venue that does not have an in-house AV team and no on-site last minute changes will be required - we can provide a small to medium sound reinforcement system including wireless microphones (handheld / lavalier / over-the-head) ; table microphones ; powered speakers ; a 4-channel or 8-channel mixer. Video projection is available upon request.

see AV rentals.

Event Photography

We offer still photography coverage services that capture the roadshow in a photojournalist style approach.

contact us to discuss the specifics of your event.