TB-0100 Shipping case with wheels for TB-0070 table top interpreter booth


the TB-0100 is a hard shipping case made out of ABS plastic that fits one TB-0070 booth with carrying bag. This rigid ATA shipping case comes with a retractable handle and wheels.

Outside DIMS (in): W: 29 H: 30.5 D: 13.75
Outside DIMS (cm): W: 73.66 H: 77.47 D: 34.93

best suited for:

table top interpreter booth exterieur view a carrying bag for the table top interpreter booth

TB-0100 Shipping Case with Wheels for TB-0070 Table-top Interpreter Booth

the TB-0100 hard shipping case is suitable to ship one TB-0070 table top interpreter booth via air or ground. It's a hard case that weighs [tbc] lbs ([tbc] kg) and it's wheels and retractable handle make it easy to manage.

category: Shipping case


  • ABS plastic (0900)
  • recessed hardware
  • latches and handles
  • ball corners
  • hd foam lining
  • (1) retractable handle
  • (2) edge casters


  • black

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  • view of table top booth seen from interieur
  • front view of tablet top booth
  • other view of table top booth seen from interieur

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product information
Manufacturer: Multi-caisse
Brand Name: Whispercube
Item Weight (lbs) 51.8
Item Weight (kg): 23.5
Soft Case Weight (kg): 0.91
Soft Case Weight (lbs) 2
Shipping Weight (lbs): 65 (View shipping rates and policies)
Shipping Weight (kg): 29.5 (View shipping rates and policies)
Shipping: International (see terms & conditions)
Assembled Product Dimensions Ext. WxDxH (inches): 51.25 x 61.75 x 72.375
Assembled Product Dimensions Ext. WxDxH (cm): 61 x 61 x 120
Assembled Product Dimensions Int. Ext. (inches): 47.24 x 24.01 x 24.01
Item model number: Whispercube TB-0070
Date First Available: [NA]

Form factor category: Portable
Number of panels: 2
Capacity: 1-2 interpreters
Table space area (sqf): 7.77
Table space area (sqm): 0.73
Color (outside):
Light Grey
Color (inside): Dark blue
Exterior construction: Covering of expanded vinyl with a special sound barrier of acoustic foam and MIL-B131-H laminating aluminum foil
Interior construction: Covering made with 100% polyester cotton 9 mm woven density
Framing: High-density PVC extrusion with velcro
Air ventilation: open back
Cabling: Accessible
Assembly time: 5 minutes (1 person)
Tools required: None
Technician required: Upon request
storage & shipping
(1) Soft side carrying case
Case weight (lbs)
Case weight (kg)
Case outside dimensions (inches): 28 x 28 x 10
Case outside dimensions (cm): 71.12 x 71.12 x 25.4
Space requirements (cu): 4.54 cu ft
Space requirements (cu): 0.13 cu m