Congress ES-12-PB-8005 full isolation interpreter booth


The Congress ES-12-PB-8005 booth is a semi-portable full isolation ISO interpreter booth for one or two interpreters. It complies with the ISO 4043 requirements, is fully enclosed and can be assembled in about under 20 minutes without the need for tools. The ES-12-PB-8005 interpreter booth once assembled takes up a footprint of about 30 square feet.

best suited for:

interpreter booth exterieur view cases for the interpreter booth

Congress ES-12-PB-8005 interpreter booth (full isolation for 1-2 person)

the Congress ES-12-PB-8005 interpreter booth complies with the ISO 4043-2016 requirements and features four-way sound isolation and spaciously accommodates one or two interpreters. It comes in one shipping cases, and is easy to set up without tools by your simultaneous interpretation technicians. This portable full booth is well suited for independent or private sector events. It is recommended to have at least seven foot of clearance around the booth.


  • (2) 35 DB silent whisper 6V fan assembly
  • (2) LED lights with remote control
  • (1) Work surface
  • (1) Carbon Dioxide detector
  • (1) Shipping case

category: Semi-Portable


  • 10-20 minutes (2 person)
  • no tools required
  • Technician required: recommended

availability: Please contact us to order.

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  • view of booth seen from interieur
  • front view of booth
  • other view of full booth seen from interieur

  • other view of full booth seen from interieur
  • other view of full booth seen from interieur
  • other view of full booth seen from interieur

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product information
Manufacturer: Multi-caisse
Brand Name: Whispercube
Item Weight (lbs) 51.8
Item Weight (kg): 23.5
Soft Case Weight (kg): 0.91
Soft Case Weight (lbs) 2
Shipping Weight (lbs): 65 (View shipping rates and policies)
Shipping Weight (kg): 29.5 (View shipping rates and policies)
Shipping: International (see terms & conditions)
Assembled Product Dimensions Ext. WxDxH (inches): 51.25 x 61.75 x 72.375
Assembled Product Dimensions Ext. WxDxH (cm): 61 x 61 x 120
Assembled Product Dimensions Int. Ext. (inches): 47.24 x 24.01 x 24.01
Item model number: Whispercube TB-0070
Date First Available: [NA]

Form factor category: Portable
Number of panels: 2
Capacity: 1-2 interpreters
Table space area (sqf): 7.77
Table space area (sqm): 0.73
Color (outside):
Light Grey
Color (inside): Dark blue
Exterior construction: Covering of expanded vinyl with a special sound barrier of acoustic foam and MIL-B131-H laminating aluminum foil
Interior construction: Covering made with 100% polyester cotton 9 mm woven density
Framing: High-density PVC extrusion with velcro
Air ventilation: open back
Cabling: Accessible
Assembly time: 5 minutes (1 person)
Tools required: None
Technician required: Upon request
storage & shipping
(1) Soft side carrying case
Case weight (lbs)
Case weight (kg)
Case outside dimensions (inches): 28 x 28 x 10
Case outside dimensions (cm): 71.12 x 71.12 x 25.4
Space requirements (cu): 4.54 cu ft
Space requirements (cu): 0.13 cu m